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Whitehorse Copper Belt

The Whitehorse Copper Belt (sometimes Copperbelt) covers an arc of geological significance about 30 km long around the west side of Whitehorse, Yukon. It stretches from the area of the Whitehorse landfill in the north, south along the Copper Haul Road past Mount Sima and Mary Lake, and to a point near the South Klondike Highway just south of the Carcoss Cutoff.

The Copper Belt has been the source of interest to prospectors and miners since the late 1890s. It provided the basis for several producing copper mines, many more mineral claims, and much exploration. Today, the old mines and traces of exploration make interesting hiking destinations especially for those who appreciate the historical, economic, and social aspects associated with them.

For the purposes of historical exploration, we separate the Whitehorse Copper Belt into four projects. You can explore them using the links below or via the interactive map a bit farther down.

WARNING: Old mine sites are former industrial areas that may contain dangerous features. There may be old machinery, sinkholes, vertical shafts, and crumbling edges of open pits that are not obvious until too late. Use extreme care when exploring these areas. You probably don't want to go alone. Some areas may not be suitable for children or dogs that are not carefully supervised.

You should never enter any old mine workings due to the possibility of cave-in or bad air.

THEN and Timothy Green are not responsible for any accidents that may occur to you while you visit any of the project areas described here. Your activities in any of these areas are at your own risk despite the presence or absence of any warnings on this site.

More Copper Belt info:

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White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad: north half

The White Pass and Yukon Route Raiload (WPYR) was completed in 1900. This project focuses on the north half of the WPYR, the portion between Carcoss and Whitehorse.

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Klondike Big Inch

One of the most-successful breakfast food giveaways ever was the Klondike Big Inch in the area of Dawson City, Yukon. Thank you, Quaker, for helping keep Yukon on the map!

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Real Thing in Porter Creek

The Real Thing area is a wooded, undeveloped area along the south side of the Porter Creek subdivision in Whitehorse, Yukon. It is quite accessible by foot, cycle, public transit, and vehicle.

This project provdes 50 points of interest to help you explore the whole area.

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Old Dawson Road

A 1907 map shows the Old Dawson Road curving around Stinky Lake south of Porter Creek subdivision in Whitehorse, Yukon. Where did it go exactly? Are there any traces left?

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Other projects

The TimmiT History Exploration Notebook is a work in progress. Other projects will appear here in due course.

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