Your data on GeoYukon

GeoYukon is a map viewer that shows off the Government of Yukon's spatial data and imagery, e.g., satellite images, road networks. But GeoYukon can do a lot more than just show maps. It can display other data geographically, i.e., data on top of maps. Standard data layers available on GeoYukon include biological and forestry data, land planning and land tenure data, or geological and mining data, and a whole lot more. Once you get data layers overlaid on map layers, you can fade them in and out. This makes GeoYukon a great resource for exploring various aspects of Yukon.

map pin

An under-documented feature is that you can put your OWN data on GeoYukon, superimposed on satellite images, aerial photographs, road networks, or any other standard data layer. This could be points, lines, or perimeters (areas). These may have related information (metadata) that appears when you click on the point, line, or perimeter in GeoYukon. You could use this to make your own customize maps for a project.

Two limitations exist.

The following sections help you prepare, upload, and display your own data on GeoYukon. Because each section builds on the previous ones, you should probably read through them in order.

  1. Become familiar with GeoYukon
  2. Plot points on GeoYukon (simple version)
  3. Plot points on GeoYukon (better version)
  4. Plot lines on GeoYukon
  5. Plot perimeters on GeoYukon

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