Government of Yukon's map viewer with many selectable overlays. It runs in a web browser and includes high-resolution satellite photos for some areas, especially around Whitehorse. These are different and often better than those found on Google. GeoYukon also includes aerial photographs, mining data, land use information, and lots more. To view bare-earth lidar (elevation) data for Whitehorse, the Communities, and along highways, select the Basemap → Elevation layer.

GeoYukon: info
Background information about GeoYukon and Yukon government imagery

GeoYukon: using your own data
How to display your own data (points, lines, perimeters) on GeoYukon

Logan Earth
Northern maps and imagery in web browser. "Built in the North, for Northerners."

Historic Air Photos of Whitehorse
View and compare historic air photos of Whitehorse

Survey plans: CLSS Map Browser
Official survey plans from Natural Resources Canada. This is a good resource for finding old mining claims, which were surveyed, if you can find them on map. This may take some patience because newer surveys overlie older ones on the map. The general process is to find the number on the map and then search for that number with the search function. Note that modern mineral claims are just staked, not surveyed, so they don't appear here. See the mining layers on GeoYukon above for modern mineral claims.

Survey plans: search
Official survey plans from Natural Resources Canada. This is an alternate method that does not have the map interface of the CLSS Map Browser above. The search tools are more powerful if you have some name/number information of what you're looking for.

First Nations settlement lands
KDFN, TKC, CTFN near Whitehorse

GPS FAQ for adventurous Yukoners
Why would you need a GPS? And which one to buy? What about maps?

TimmiT Info Maps (TIMaps)
Free maps for your GPS

Google Maps: Whitehorse
Maps and satellite images of the world, runs in web browser

Google Earth
Free app (program) that runs on your computer. This provides the same maps as Google Maps and much more. Lots of documentation exists online.

World Imagery Wayback
Satellite images from various dates. Compare images from different dates side by side.

Yukon Mining Claims Database
Information on current and recent mining claims in Yukon. This is a good complement to the mining land info available on GeoYukon above. Old claim data is not in this database but is available from the Yukon Mining Recorder's office.

UTM to/from lat,long
Convert map coordinates from UTM to latitude,longitude and vice versa. This works for a list of coordinates in bulk, maybe for spreadsheet data. This is a TimmiT application.

Coordinates Converter
Convert map coordinates between latitude,longitude and UTM, also other units.

Yukon History & Abandoned Places
Well-moderated Facebook historical group with many members, lots of interesting history, questions, and answers

Resources for Researching Yukon History
Yukon History & Abandoned Places list

Yukon History Trails
Stories about Yukon history, includes maps and photos

Happy Hikers Yukon
Facebook group for spontaneously organized hikes, some of them to locations covered by THEN projects

Old Maps of Yukon
Old maps, many from the David Rumsey Collection

TimmiT History Exploration Notebook