So what is the TimmiT History Exploration Notebook (THEN)?

THEN is a continuing work in progress. It provides information about historical sites in Yukon, Canada. These sites are often not very well known but make interesting destination hikes.

THEN provides some context about each of the sites. This generally includes some history and may include details about the related economy and geology. Of course, THEN also provides directions so you can actually go see for yourself.

THEN sites and related information are in groups called "projects," which are in the Projects section. The first group of projects relates to the Whitehorse Copper Belt, a copper-rich area to the west of Whitehorse that has provided material for many mines over the last 120+ years.

THEN also provides a list of resources in the Tools section. Many of these are online documents and applications that are useful in exploring Yukon history.

If you find errors with the material here in THEN, if you have questions, or if you have suggestions for future projects, please contact us via the Contact section.

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What more?

THEN provides material to download for your GPS... free!

Some projects also incude a quick guide that you can print out and take with you as you visit the projects.

See Downloads for files you can download.

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THEN gives locations in two coordinate systems and uses interactive maps.

See Where for details.

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Terminology (how we refer to things) is important.

See How for the details of terminology that THEN uses.

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THEN is run by Tim Green who lives in Whitehorse. He's an engineer, a podcaster, an ex-army officer, and an editor. He has had the benefit of many people help him with the projects here!

Tim Green at the lost portal of the Anaconda Mine
Tim Green at the lost (now found) portal of the Anaconda Mine, 2019

TimmiT History Exploration Notebook